Inspired by the founders, Harry and Joseph Wilf z”l, and their wives, Judith z”l and Elizabeth, the Jewish traditions of tzedakah and tikkun olam guide the Wilf Family Foundations’ dedication to philanthropy. With this in mind, the Foundations provide grants to support Jewish causes, underserved communities, educational opportunities and the advancement of social justice for all.

The Wilf Family Foundations administer grants in the following focus areas:

Arts & Culture

The Foundations understand the value the arts and other cultural activities provide to communities across the world, and support museums and other cultural institutions that play this essential role.

Community Services

The Wilf Family Foundations are dedicated to supporting organizations that provide basic needs such as food, housing, and other forms of financial assistance to members of their communities and beyond.


The Wilf family believes education is a human right and supports a robust variety of education efforts and institutions.

Emergency Relief

Whether it is supporting COVID-19 global vaccine efforts or Hurricane Sandy relief, the Wilf Family Foundations are dedicated to supporting communities in difficult times to aid emergency services and recovery work. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Foundations have committed over $5 million to causes across the United States and in Israel, providing critical support to health care workers, the elderly, food banks, social service organizations, and Jewish philanthropic causes.


The Wilf Family Foundations are committed to supporting organizations that provide quality health care and the advancements of treatments and cures.

Israel & Beyond

The Wilf Family Foundations are dedicated to the preservation and continuation of a strong Jewish homeland in Israel and are also committed to strengthening the Jewish diaspora around the world.

Jewish Community

The Wilf Family Foundations’ robust support of Jewish causes includes aiding organizations committed to Holocaust remembrance and education, Jewish educational and religious organizations, and Jewish organizations that provide assistance to all individuals in the communities they serve, regardless of their religion, race or ethnicity.

Social Justice

The Foundations understand the importance of taking action when one has an ability to make a difference and are honored to work with their communities to help end deeply rooted injustice in America and around the world. Key aspects of this ongoing work include protecting voting rights, ensuring communities’ law enforcement is well-trained and providing justice to those accused of crimes.


The Wilf family is deeply grateful to veterans for their service and is proud to give to organizations that focus on providing support and care to veterans and their families.