About the Wilf Family Foundations

The Wilf Family Foundations, a collection of philanthropic efforts spearheaded by the Wilf family, was established in 1964 to support communities throughout the United States, Israel, and around the world. More than 60 years later, the foundation continues the legacies of their founders, Harry and Joseph Wilf z”l, and their wives, Judith z”l and Elizabeth, who moved to the United States after surviving the Holocaust. Through continued grantmaking, the Foundations support hundreds of thousands of people by providing education, housing, food, health care and other essential and life-saving services.

The foundations within the Wilf Family Foundations are:

  • The Wilf Family Foundation
  • Joseph and Elizabeth Wilf Foundation, Inc. (formerly The Wilf Family Education Foundation, Inc.)
  • The L.A.W. Foundation, Inc.
  • The Mark and Jane Wilf Family Foundation, Inc.
  • The Z S & M Wilf Foundation, Inc.
  • Zygmunt and Audrey Wilf Foundation

The majority of the Wilf Family Foundations’ support is devoted to Jewish causes. In collaboration with the communities where they work, the Foundations are also committed to supporting meaningful social justice efforts, including protecting voting rights and advancing criminal justice reform and law enforcement reform.

Following in the footsteps of Harry and Joseph Wilf and their wives, Judith and Elizabeth, today, second and third generation members of the Wilf family are involved in making recommendations on the Foundations’ support of specific programs in current areas of focus and identifying opportunities to bolster new programs in previously unsupported areas.